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Which Training Route is Right for You?

Our Primary Teacher Training Programmes


The Primary Catholic Partnership offers three school-led training options for graduates. Each takes place over a year and leads to the award of qualified teacher status (QTS). The PGCE route also offers an academic qualification.



The PCP offers a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) with 60 Master’s-level credits. It is school-led and provides 70 days of training to develop your subject knowledge and insights into the complex factors that support successful teaching. Through it, you will build strong classroom skills and an evidence-based understanding of why particular approaches are likely to be successful.

Taking the PGCE allows you time to grow into the role before you begin teaching full classes. You will learn from expert teachers in our purpose-built training centre and be supported by an extended network of experienced teachers and mentors while you’re in school.

You will take placements in two schools and visit others which model high quality teaching in areas such as maths mastery, phonics, RE and English as an Additional Language.

The PGCE is an internationally recognised qualification. If you decide to teach in Scotland, Ireland or other countries, you will almost certainly need an academic qualification in addition to QTS to register as a qualified teacher.

Training bursaries are available for this route.


Early Years (3-7)

The EY/KS1 (3-7) course leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). It is a 40 week, full-time programme, where 25 weeks are spent in schools and early years settings. It is a practical, school-led programme which seeks to develop your understanding of how you can help children learn.


School Direct

PCP offers School Direct courses in partnership with CTSA (Catholic Teaching Schools Alliance). Please visit our School Direct page for information.

 PGCEEarly YearsSchool Direct TuitionSchool Direct Salaried
Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
Internationally Recognised QualificationXX
60 Masters CreditsXX
65 Days TuitionXX
Student Loan AvailableX
£3,000 Bursary AvailableX
3 Years' Work Experience RequiredXXX
Salaried Places AvailableXXX