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Early Years 3-7

The EY/KS1 (3-7) programme leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). It is a 40 week, full-time course, where 25 weeks are spent in schools and early years settings. The Early Years programme is practical and school-led, and seeks to develop your understanding of how you can help children learn.

  • UCAS Course Code: 2M87
  • UCAS Provider Code: P85
  • Course Length: 1 Year
  • Start Date: September 2018

Key features of the PCP EY/KS1 programme:

  • A 40 week course, with the opportunity to learn from outstanding classroom teachers and early years practitioners.
  • 25 weeks in school; in addition to your two placement schools, you’ll visit plenty of others including those serving diverse city communities.
  • Your tutors will be experts in their field, able to balance theory with practice.
  • You’ll be offered regular opportunities to develop your classroom skills and receive formative feedback before your full placements.

Course Outline:

You will begin visits to your first placement school or other setting early in the programme to familiarise yourself with the children, gradually increasing your teaching responsibility as the term progresses. A trained mentor will support you throughout your time there.

When you are not in school, you will be attending high quality training sessions at the PCP centre between 9.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. The taught sessions are very interactive and delivered by highly skilled, practising teachers and early years specialists, familiar with the latest educational thinking.


Trainees undertake two main placements in different age phases. We aim to place you in at least one school or setting within an hour’s travelling distance of where you are living. Depending on where you choose to live, we will try our best to offer you two placements in the same geographical area.

During the programme, you have the chance to experience a variety of other schools and settings, where you will be able to benefit from different areas of expertise. A number of these will lie outside the Catholic partnership – for example, nurseries and schools in inner cities which do great work in challenging circumstances. The experience of undertaking your training in so many different settings will prepare you to work in a range of them and give you a network of valuable contacts.


Assignments are designed to develop your professional skills and your understanding of early years practice and the National Curriculum.

The Early Years assignments cover the core subjects and statutory areas. They contain strong practical elements and may be in the form of essays, presentations or observed lessons with critical reflection. One of the strengths of the 3-7 programme is that assignments can be tailored to your professional needs.

National skills tests in Numeracy and Literacy must be passed in order to gain a place on the programme.