Success Stories

My experience of PCP

Roxy Ashworth

The love of teaching has come as a second career for me. It was a big decision to try a new direction by working in a school. But I was so glad that I did because I loved the job, the school and I loved working with the children. I then decided to carry out my teaching apprenticeship because I wanted to have an impact on the children and be a part of their learning. 
I was bought up as a Catholic , attended Catholic school and my children attend a Catholic school. Therefore, I wanted to experience the same values and learning from the teaching for my apprenticeship. I found Primary Catholic Partnership and was overwhelmed by their extensive programme. The programme also covered a Religious Education section that would cover expectations for teaching RE. Aswell as, it offered great support and a tight community of students all working towards the same goal. 
Now that I’m here and doing the course I couldn’t be happier. The centre has good values thread through every part of it. It is challenging and inspiring. It has lived up to expectations and has already started me on my journey to be a teacher. 
Christina Harman

All our Apprentices for the 22/23 academic year achieved a final grade of ‘outstanding’ at their End Point Assessment.