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Making Learning Fun


PCP trainees enjoy making learning fun. This year’s story sack project provides an example of the way the current trainees are working with children whose first language is not English.

Have you thought about how many ways an exciting children’s book can enthuse a child and promote reading, learning and development?

Using ‘Story Sacks’ to enthuse

Trainees created story sacks, based around well-known children’s books. The sacks included a range of activities and games, which were shared with groups of children and their parents. The project gave trainees the opportunity to be creative with resources.

Trainees learned how to use story sacks to help with reading, number and other areas of the curriculum.

The project helped trainees strengthen their understanding of how to work with parents and children in culturally-diverse settings. The sessions were particularly well received by parents who felt that “they enjoyed special time with their child and gained ideas of how to help them learn at home“.