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Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies

To help trainees and teachers develop their expertise for teaching religious education in faith schools, the PCP offers the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS). Trainees following the PGCE or School Direct programmes undertake two modules as part of their training at no additional cost.

What is the CCRS?

The CCRS provides an introduction to the central teaching and beliefs of the Catholic Church and modules are taught through small group sessions in a friendly environment. The course is accredited nationally by the Board of Religious Studies on behalf of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

Who is it for?

The CCRS is open to those who would like to deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith. This includes teachers, trainees, governors and others working in Catholic education and those who wish to follow the course for personal interest and formation.

The CCRS can be completed in two years but five years are available, if required. Eight modules (six core and two specialist) need to be completed to gain the full certificate.

Jesus Christ

The centrality of Jesus Christ in the teaching and life of the Church; His relevance for our lives and the concept of the Kingdom of God.

The Bible: Old Testament

How the Church understands the Old Testament, the historical, geographical, cultural, political and religious background to the Hebrew Scriptures.

The Bible: New Testament

The background and formation of the New Testament and how it informs the Church today.

The Church

The meaning and significance of the term ‘Church’, Vatican II, the mission of the Church in the world, and its relationships with other churches and faiths.


Sacraments: their history, development and theology. Sacramentality, signs and symbols in daily life.

Christian Morality

Moral decision-making and the principles of Christian morality; the Catholic Church as moral teacher for the formation of a Christian conscience.


For more information on the CCRS module, click here to view our course brochure.

Two specialist modules are available in 2016-18 for trainee teachers and colleagues teaching in a Catholic school. These are:

  • Collective Worship in a Catholic Primary School
  • Using the Diocesan RE Syllabus to Plan, Teach and Assess RE

If you have a leadership role in a Catholic School, these two modules can be taken at different levels, depending on the nature of your role.

The additional specialist modules listed below may be available through our partner organisations. Please contact the PCP if you wish to discuss them and we will match a specialist tutor to your requirements.

  • Ethos and Mission of a Catholic School
  • Education and Leadership
  • Prayer and Spirituality
  • Ministry in the Parish
  • Ministry and Chaplaincy
  • Catechesis and Liturgy


For more information on the CCRS module, click here to view our course brochure.

Each module requires an equivalent of ten hours’ contact time. This includes a pre-course task, an intensive day’s teaching and guided reading. Assessment is undertaken through a 1,500 word assignment or equivalent presentation. A tutorial is available to support each module.

You are welcome to attend single modules and also to follow the course for personal interest without completing the assignments.


For more information on the CCRS module, click here to view our course brochure.

Where do CCRS modules take place?

The CCRS is currently taken at the Primary Catholic Partnership training centre in Southampton. There may also be the possibility of training in your school or cluster, if numbers are large enough. Please contact us for more information.